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May, 2014

  • xi modiTo boost Sino-Indian relations, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi will visit India on June 8 to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The visit is to be followed by President Xi Jinping who is expected to be in New Delhi in November. The last Chinese head of state to visit India was Primer Li Keqiang in 2012. Going by the growth trajectory, China’s expectation from India’s newly sworn in government and the deals that were initiated in 2012, the president’s visit will promulgate China-India ties to a new crescendo.

    While their political ascent is drastically diverse – one a princeling, another an ordinary tea seller to prime minister, the hope is that Xi Jinping and Modi’s meeting will signal better days for our bilateral relations. On the cards are rising exports, consolidating their stance during international and regional meetings and coming to an agreement on the contentious border issue.

    The stakes are high. both governments have a vested stake to bring to the table. Many Indian companies including the Reliance group and Adani Power who have grown up in Modi’s backyard are indebted to the Chinese, further, as the Chinese economy stagnates, India is a highly lucrative market to invest in. How each goes about it and which interests are held will only be laid out when Xi and Modi meet in November, later this year.

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  • Indias new power circleIndias new Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi was sworn in on 26th May, 2014. As the 15th Prime Minister of the democratic, republic of India. As a man who has risen from a humble back ground, Mr. Modi is India’s first Prime Minister to be born after Indian independence from the British in 1947.

    Mr. Modi’s political ascent has been powerful and courageous. While he is reputed for transforming the Western state of Gujarat from an agricultural state to one of modern technology and manufacturing he is also accused in the Gujarat communal riots of 2002, where hundreds of innocent people lost their lives.

    Mr. Modi, who won by a sweeping majority has taken control of 282 seats in India’s lower house. Political analysts who expected this change, have attributed his success also to the fall of the Congress government which had held power in India since the past decade. Tired of being controlled by one political party, a lack of progressive policies and flax decision making coupled with high costs and a plunging economy, more than 800 million Indians voted for change. In a multi-part election process that is now the world’s largest democratic exercise, Indians collectively and decisively voted for better governance, and now that Mr. Modi has won majority power, he will need to deliver on his election promises.

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  • ENERGYRussia and China signed a historic deal today, marking not only US$400 billion for a 30 year gas deal, but more importantly altering the way the world will work international relations in the years to come. Furthermore, the deal was signed even as China was locked in a tense standoff with Vietnam over a Chinese oil rig drilling in the contested South China Sea.

    Just over 40 years ago Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger persuaded China to turn against the Soviet Union and ally with America. Today, Russia’s move to guarantee China with energy marks a strong alliance between the formerly communist states which are Asia’s largest nations. The tectonic shift East and strategic alliance between China and Russia not only demonstrates who will be calling the shots in international politics but also smartly sidelines the USA who has been a dominant force between China and Russia.

    Next stop, India. Russia an old ally of India, is expected to sign a mega oil deal with a National Indian Oil company to secure energy for India. According to a Reuters report, Rosneft, the world’s top listed oil producer by output, may join forces with Indian state-run Oil and Natural Gas Corp to supply oil to India over the long term. Russia also has plans to triple oil flows to China to over 1 million barrels per day in coming years.

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  • jack maIts been the summer for Chinese IPO’s. Led by their stalwart Alibaba who recently listed in New York, 54 Chinese companies listed across 15 bourses raising more than US$29.8 billion as compared to US$1.93 billion raised during the same time a year ago. While a majority – 29 companies listed on domestic exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzen raising US$2.4 billion, the remaining 25 companies listed overseas including markets – New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Frankfurt and Tokyo. nike goedkoop In September this year, Alibaba, China’s e commerce giant who changed global trade and made China the factory of the world, listed on the NASDAQ, raising US$25 billion. air max pas cher Trading under the ticker BABA, priced at US$68 per share, the Hangzhou based company led by Tai Chi enthusiast Jack Ma, surpassed the 2010 offering from the Agricultural Bank of China, which raised US$22.1 billion in it debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. kanken fjallraven soldes Of the biggest IPOs in history by cash raised, the top three are now all from mainland Chinese companies, with Chinese lender ICBC in third place, while AIA – the Hong Kong-listed insurer – is in fourth, according to data from Thomson Reuters.The company not only raised the bar for Chinese companies already seeking capital internationally, but also raised the stakes for entrepreneurs in China – a budding lot. Read more

  • Modi_WangOn a special mission sent by President Xi Jinping, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met newly sworn in Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Inch Closer. fjallraven kanken backpacks One of the first strategic diplomatic meetings for Mr. Modi after taking office on the 26th of May, Beijing made sure that they made their mark on 7 Race Course Road, the official address of the Indian prime minister. At a time when Mr. Modi has already met SAARC leaders and expressed interest in meeting US president Obama and Japan’s Premier Shinzo Abe, Beijing is keeping a close eye on the man they have honed for so long. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was the first foreign Head of Government to call Mr. air max pas cher Modi to convey his congratulations after he took over as Prime Minister. After the meeting Mr. Modi commented that China is always a “priority” in India’s foreign policy and welcomed greater economic engagement between the two countries. On a two day visit to New Delhi, Mr. new balance 999 homme blanche Wang Yi, initially met with India’s first female External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj where he discussed finer points of the Border Defence Cooperation Agreement, India’s sinking trade deficit with China which is expected to be solved with the Middle Kingdom assisting in the establishment of SEZ’s which will prove to be manufacturing powerhouses and export gold mines as well as final chinks in the Chinese President’s impending trip proposed this November. Air Max Goedkoop Nonetheless, before that Xi and Modi will have an opportunity to meet during the next BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Summit to be held in Brazil this July. Kanken No.2 Read more

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