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Corporate recruitments

As India-China trade touches the US$100 billion mark, bilateral intellectual exchanges and the demand for cross border talent are also on the rise. Heeding the demand of this expected sunrise industry; Inchin Closer maintains a detailed database of our language students who are qualified in their fields.

The database serves a two-pronged approach – it allows Chinese and Indian companies looking for Mandarin speaking, Indian talent in specific industries, sectors and professions to source and recruit talent to staff their offices in India and or China.

The Inchin database also serves to aid skilled professionals who have completed atleast Inchin Closer’s intermediate course to look for and locate global jobs, requiring a proficiency in Mandarin.

If you are a company looking at hiring qualified Mandarin speaking personnel, please write to us with a detailed job description to

If you are an individual interested in utilizing your Mandarin skills, please write to us with details of your capacity, a cover letter and CV. We currently have a database of 1000+ companies across industries we can circulate your CV to. The final decision will lie with the company concerned. Please send all the requisite information to

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