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Inchin around Fort

To commemorate Inchin Closer’s 10th anniversary, we kick off our celebrations, with a short walk down memory lane.

Join Mishi Saran; author of Stray birds on the Huangpu; a coffee table book on the Indians who lived and traded with China and city historian Alisha Sadikot of The Inheritage Project to uncover Shanghai’s contribution to Mumbai.

This special walk through Mumbai’s Fort district will unravel and bring to light the lesser told histories of trade and exchange, contact and continuity, between 19th century Bombay and the Chinese port city of Shanghai.

The walk will follow the lives, adventures and legacies of the most enterprising traders and businessmen of their time; hear about their Shanghai experiences from Saran as we walk through the city they built in Mumbai. 

Date: Sunday; 19th January 2020
Time: 4pm – 6:30pm
Location: David Sassoon Library
Fee: Rs. 1,200/-

The fees for Inchin around Fort are Rs. 1,200/- To pay, please click here

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