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Inchin Closer announces its Winter 2020 Mandarin Language Courses!

Taught by qualified Chinese teachers, the ONLY course to be endorsed by the People’s Republic of China Consulate, Mumbai Inchin Closers certificate Mandarin courses will teach you to speak, read and write Mandarin with confidence!


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Select a class from the options below:

  • Intermediate Mandarin certificate - Weekend afternoon

     Certified course to speak Mandarin  with an experienced native Chinese teacher; HSK 2

    Date: 20th September – 21st February
    Day: Every Sunday  3:30 – 5:30pm
    Location: Online
    Fees: Rs. 28,000/-
    Total hours: 36
    International level: HSK 2 + HSKK 1

    Last date of registration: 15th September, 2020

    Register for Intermediate Mandarin

  • Advanced Mandarin certificate - Weekend afternoon

    Certified course to speak Mandarin  with an experienced native Chinese teacher; HSK 3

    Date: 1st November – 21st March
    Day: Every Sunday; 11 – 1pm
    Location: Online
    Fees: Rs. 28,000/-
    Total hours: 36
    International level: HSK 3 + HSKK 2

    Last date of registration: 15th October, 2020

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    To watch a video on Inchin Closers Online Mandarin program, click here

  • Beginners Mandarin certificate - Weekend morning

     Certified course to speak Mandarin  with an experienced native Chinese teacher; HSK 1

    Date: 26th September – 7th February
    Day: Every Saturday & Sunday  4:30 – 6:30pm
    Location: Online
    Fees: Rs. 25,000/-
    Total hours: 45
    International level: HSK 1 + HSKK 1

    Last date of registration: 23rd September, 2020

    Register for Beginners Mandarin

  • Conversational Mandarin certificate - Weekend evening

     Certified course to practice your Mandarin speaking skills with an experienced native Chinese teacher.

    Date: 26th September – 8th November
    Day: Every Saturday & Sunday  2:30 – 4pm
    Location: Online
    Fees: Rs. 10,000/-
    Total hours: 15
    Eligibility criteria: HSK 1 minimum or a basic course in Mandarin

    Last date of registration: 20th September, 2020

    Register for Conversational Mandarin


  • How many levels are there?

    There are three levels to Inchin Closer’s Mandarin – Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced. On passing each level, students attain a certificate and consecutively move up to the next level. It takes approximately one year to complete all 3 levels.
  • What is special about Inchin Closers classes?

    Besides employing native Chinese professionals to teach the language, we are the only certified course to be endorsed by the Chinese consulate. Our teaching methods are interactive, fun and inspirational. 80% of our students prefer to continue learning with Inchin closer through our 3 levels. Inchin Closer has small classrooms at several convenient locations across the city. We also conduct Inchin corners and help our students find jobs to utilise their Mandarin skills. See also – Why learn Mandarin with Inchin Closer.
  • What level of proficiency will I gain after the beginners level?

    On completing the 35 hours beginners level, you will be able to speak to a native Chinese person with confidence. You will be able to introduce yourself, order food at a restaurant, conduct a basic office meeting, ask for directions and check into a hotel. You will also be able to recognise, read and write basic Mandarin characters.
  • How big are your classes?

    Inchin Closer believes in quality education. Which means we have small classrooms to maximise student – teacher interaction. Since learning Mandarin pronunciations correctly is paramount, we restrict our class size to 15 – 20 students.
  • How long will it take me to be fluent in the language?

    On completion of Inchin Closers 3 levels of Mandarin, one will be able to speak confidently to a native Chinese person across a range of topics. You will also be able to understand what native Chinese people are saying during negotiations as well as read and write Characters.
  • What happens if I miss a class?

    Inchin Closer understands Bombay”s hectic lifestyle and your travel plans, we help you make up missed classes free of cost.
  • Describe your methods of teaching?

    We utilise a blended approach to learning – ie our brick and motar classes are supplemented by online learning exercises that help you practice Mandarin at your time and pace. While creative individual and group based learning activities are conducted in class, we encourage students to utilise technology to their advantage. We have noticed this approach not only involves the student much more, but also enhances the learning process.
  • I've heard Mandarin is a difficult language to learn, will I be able to pick it up?

    We have a special team of experts who have studied how Indians learn Mandarin best and as a result have devised our own syllabus specifically for the Indian audience. In addition, we are Mumbai’s only Mandarin language Institute to teach authentic Mandarin, with a native Chinese teacher. This becomes very important while learning tones and understanding modern Chinese language and culture. Additionally, we supplement our classes with multimedia materials to make learning Mandarin interactive, fun and easy to learn. Having said that, Mandarin like any language needs constant practice, so you will need to invest in the language to master it.
  • Where is Mandarin spoken and whats the difference between Mandarin & Cantonese?

    Mandarin is the native language spoken across Mainland China, it is also widely spoken in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and most of South East Asia. Cantonese is only spoken in Hong Kong, however this is also changing as more people in Hong Kong learn Mandarin.

To download Inchin Closers student Rules & Regulations click here

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